Alaska Birch Burl Bowl - Spruce & Cottonwood, too

Found in mixed forests of Alaska, these chaotic growths commonly appear wart-like on over-mature trees.  The burls are hand formed into bowls with gouging tools and sand paper, polished with extra fine grit paper and finished with salad bowl quality beeswax.  Small scrapes, dents and bruises can easily be removed by sanding, polishing and application of wax.

Clapham’s Beeswax Salad Bowl Finish was used to treat and seal this wood.  Maintain the wood’s luster and protect from stain by waxing regularly and then occasionally as necessary to sustain appearance.  Polish with a soft cloth frequently.  Exposure to UV light will darken the wood over time. 

 This bowl is of heirloom quality, to be cherished by generations as a demonstration of the Creator’s generosity. It is my wish that the possessor of this bowl enjoy looking at and using it as much as I did making it.

Dennis Randa

Mother Earth's Gift, Revealed by Dennis Randa- Resident Alaskan Since 1974

Dennis Randa

Alaskan Wood Burl Bowl Maker & Fishing Guide

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